STORIESx8 Workbook: RightNow Media Edition

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STORIESx8 is an eight-week small group experience that guides women through the journey of sharing their stories, finding freedom in the process, and living the lifestyle of confession.

Throughout the eight weeks, you will have the opportunity to dive into topics that keep you stuck, discover and share your own unique story in an accepting and safe environment, and understand what it means to live a lifestyle of confession. It is an experience that will transform your life and help you overcome barriers holding you back from freedom.

Each section of the workbook walks you through a topic that influences your ability to share your story and reveals the lies keeping you stuck. There is a weekly reading, insightful videos from Anne, and most importantly, the opportunity for one woman to share her story each week.

WEEK 1 - The Power of Confession
WEEK 2 - Life is Hard. God is Good.

WEEK 3 - The Struggle with Guilt & Shame

WEEK 4 - Fighting Fear
WEEK 5 - Making Anger Work For You
WEEK 6 - The Depths of Depression

WEEK 7 - Changing Your Self-Image

WEEK 8 - Out of Darkness, Into The Light

ADDITIONAL SECTIONS INCLUDE: A New View of Confession, Identify Your Feelings, Your Personal Story & Journey, The Lifestyle of Confession.

To begin a STORIESx8 Small Group, you’ll need a workbook for each person in your group and the weekly videos, available digitally in the Leader Portal after purchase.

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